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The Story behind

The Academy of Production & Recording Arts (APRA) is a school geared towards teaching professional audio engineering and production techniques.

Since 1997, a detailed curriculum has been offered to those seeking careers in sound for radio, television, recording, film & video, internet, gaming, live shows, clubs, concert tours and new media production.

Operating out of one of the top studios in Canada, APRA has the distinct advantage of always being at the leading edge of technology and production. APRA instructors are themselves firstclass engineers and producers, and The Beach recording facility, including multi million dollar studios, serves as home base for APRA students and their projects.

In small classes, students learn and work at the top of the education ladder. Guided by experienced professionals in a world-class facility, they are surrounded by the sound, media and production business every day.

The environment is professional yet unique, and students can rest assured that they are learning in a place that will help them achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our Instructors

APRA instructors are not just teachers, but accomplished professionals with backgrounds as musicians, performers, producers and technicians. The APRA staff is without a doubt the cream of the crop from the western Canadian production community. Along with being APRA instructors, they are also working engineers at The Beach, which means that the students will be getting their instructions from engineers using current techniques and practices in the industry.

  • Lanny Williamson
    Lanny Williamson Owner/Instructor
  • Derek Sylwestrzak
    Derek Sylwestrzak Head Instructor
  • Paul Du Toit Schreve
    Paul Du Toit Schreve Instructor
  • Ryan Koichopolos
    Ryan Koichopolos Instructor
  • Steve Dodd
    Steve Dodd Instructor
  • Dianna Liptak
    Dianna Liptak Instructor

Our Facilities

The Academy of Production and Recording Arts is held at the world-class recording studio The Beach“. Each studio contains an extensive range of equipment that allows students to gain experience using a broad variety of tools. From digital to analog consoles, or from well-known microphones such as the Shure SM57 to the esteemed Neumann U87, students will have the opportunity to learn and use a multitude of industry standard gear to feel comfortable in virtually any facet of the audio industry.