Employment Outlook 2016/2017:

For a producer in film, radio, television and theatre, the occupational growth is higher than expected for 2013-2017. The expected annual growth is 3.3% from 2013-2017.

It is forecasted that 112 new positions will be created each year and there will also be more jobs above that number due to turnover.

Employment numbers are also predicted to increase because of the baby boomer generation leaving the workforce.

According to the Canadian Occupational Projection System, in the “photographers, graphic arts technicians, and technical occupations” group, between the 2013 to 2022 period it is expected that there will be a labor surplus.

The surplus is as a result of anticipated retirements, some also as a result of economic growth.

Openings are expected to increase as a result of the Canadian dollar being so low, driving American and international business in the film and television industry to Alberta to save on costs.

Career Information:

Upon completion of the program, graduates can be considered for a variety of positions.

These include:
Assistant Producer / Assistant Sound Engineer / Producer / Engineer / Radio Producer / Agency Audio Assembly / Television Audio Producer / Television Audio Floor Manager / Live Sound Technician / Studio Manager / Post Production Assistant / Project Coordinator / Podcast Audio Editor / Podcast Producer / Concert Hall Technician / Concert Hall Mixer / Commercial Editor / Sound Designer / Foley Recordist / Dialogue Recordist / ADR Recordist / Music Editor / Film Video Dubbing/Transfer / High Definition Audio Technician / Surround Sound Audio Specialist /  Location Sound Recordist / Parks and Recreation / Audio Technician / Corporate Industrial Audio Technician / Hotel Audio Technician / Tour Support Technician / Retail Associate / Game Audio Programmer / Game Audio Content Creator

And more!